Category: All Blogs 3rd YearAnniversary

The 3 Year Anniversary of Let me start by saying it has been a wild three years owning my business and website Before I take you on a brief reminder of this sites wild journey, I would like to say thank you… Continue Reading “ 3rd YearAnniversary”

23 Personal Blogs About Me – Jodi Diamond

23 BIRTHDAY BLOGS  Even though is a life advice website, it is also a personal website. I listen to all my supporters, readers, and customers. Apparently you guys want to learn more about me. So for 2019 I will be releasing some 23… Continue Reading “23 Personal Blogs About Me – Jodi Diamond”

Goodbye 2018

Jodi Diamond Personal Blog – Goodbye 2018 Goodbye 2018,  Goodbye to the most crazy, exhausting, and successful year of my Life.  This year was full. I got an opportunity to help at children’s hospital in the NICU & Acute Care. I was accepted into… Continue Reading “Goodbye 2018”

Hard Times Don’t Last Forever

  I know it sounds cliché to say hard times will not last forever but remember everything in life is temporary. The hard times you are going through will eventually get better even though it may not seem like it right now. Good times… Continue Reading “Hard Times Don’t Last Forever”

5 Small Things That Helped Me Reduce My Stress

  Having A Relaxing A Morning  Starting my day off with something that relaxes me always puts me in a better mood. Right now I’m drinking a relaxing tea every morning. Just having a warm drink on a cold day that heats up my… Continue Reading “5 Small Things That Helped Me Reduce My Stress”