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WHAT IS JODIDIAMOND.COM ABOUT? is more than just a personal website it is a guide to help others improve their lives, finances, health, spirit, and mold themselves for the better.  Jodi Diamond and other guest bloggers will write blogs of advice on how to be the best, most productive version of yourself. The shop on will have magazines, books, ebooks, and other fun things that will guide you step by step with specific things you may struggle with. also honors the fact that it started as a personal website by having the “About Jodi” page that tells you all about the owner Jodi Diamond.


Jodi purchased her website in January in celebration of her 20th birthday and opened the website on Valentine’s Day of 2016.  The website was originally created to be a personal website for people to learn more about Jodi and her career as an entrepreneur.  The website began to get a lot of attention so Jodi thought it would be best if she turned the website into a business itself.


The moment you set your eyes upon the homepage you realize it is not your everyday boring website. refuses to be another dull finance, life improvement, spiritual, and health website. Jodi Diamond and our team loves to spice things up with our one of a kind photos, fun colors, and enthusiastic marketing. just wants people to realize getting your life and money together doesn’t have to be so bland. So take a trip on the wild side of success and check out the blogs, shop. and much more!




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