The New Jodi Diamond Entertainment

The anticipated and reinvented launch is on its way!!

WHY RELAUNCH?!? first launched on Valentine’s Day 2016 as a personal website for Jodi Diamond. The website originally only had three buttons and has now grown to a 30 page website with over 60 buttons. This personal website was originally only meant to hold Jodi’s social media links but it exploded into a full business.


That’s the thing, had covered topics all the way from finance, morality, success to social media and everything wild. As grows we would like to have more of a focused niche!

The website is currently finance and entertainment focused,  so we are happy to announce JodiDiamond will soon be a full fledged Entertainment business. / Jodi Diamond Entertainment will have podcasts, YouTube channels, shows that Jodi has been featured on, fitness, and so much more to come.


However do not worry if you loved the financial content on We have something up our sleeve for that as well. Stay tuned because many exciting things are in the works. Be apart of the transformation and visit the website to see continual changes.

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  1. Jodi Diamond Entertainment Staff

    There is so much excitement for the new website and the growth of / Jodi Diamond Entertainment! Please keep checking back so you can be the first to see to new unveiling of the website.

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