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The New JodiDiamond.com/ Jodi Diamond Entertainment

The anticipated and reinvented JodiDiamond.com launch is on its way!! WHY RELAUNCH?!? JodiDiamond.com first launched on Valentine’s Day 2016 as a personal website for Jodi Diamond. The website originally only had three buttons and has now grown to a 30 page website with over… Continue Reading “The New JodiDiamond.com/ Jodi Diamond Entertainment”

How To Become Successful At A Young Age

How To Become Successful At A Young Age Have you ever been amazed or envious of an individual’s life accomplishments?  Our imagination ignites and we start dreaming of our future success. As we use those thoughts to create our own wonderland we begin to ponder why… Continue Reading “How To Become Successful At A Young Age”