How To Become Successful At A Young Age

How To Become Successful At A Young Age

Have you ever been amazed or envious of an individual’s life accomplishments?  Our imagination ignites and we start dreaming of our future success. As we use those thoughts to create our own wonderland we begin to ponder why we are not as established. Our minds begin to scramble with possible explanations like “I’m still young I can’t do all of that” or “she is doing good but I bet she’s in her late 20’s or early 30’s at least”.  After you have tried the best to sooth yourself with mental encouragement you realize that person is the same age as you or even worse they are younger than you. Upon being hit with reality tons of questions run through your mind but the main one is “how did someone who is so young get so far in life?” Meanwhile, you are struggling to get out of bed and show up somewhere looking decent.

Well has created a blog that will teach you how to gain success in your youth.


The first and most important step you need to take is to address your current situation. Ask yourself what problems do you need you need to fix before you begin the road to success? At this time you need to take care of any problems that could be possible setbacks. The list of setbacks could be a messy home, current debt, problematic environment, or anything else that would cause instability.  Around this time you need to figure out what you want to be successful at. Once you figure that out it’s time to start taking some action and responsibility.


Do you want to hear some REAL advice that will help you reach your goals in your youth? Well the advice is GROW UP! If you pay attention to young successful people their lives are full of responsibilities. Trust me even the people who seem like their lives are one big party have a method to their madness. They make time to ensure that their social media platforms or businesses are well kept and managed, even if you do not notice. This does not mean they do not take time to go out and have a good time but it is after their work is done.


The third most important thing to learn is how to manage your time. It is super important to not waste any time. Wasting time and procrastinating is what people who don’t get ahead in life do. It is hard to stay focused and take on extra responsibility but that is how your make dreams come true. You have to think about what is most important and make that a priority.


Having priorities will remind you of what is most important. Ask yourself “is this going to benefit my future”? Is this helping me reach my goals? Eventually you have to prioritize and give up some of the things you want to do in exchange for the things you need to do.  Having your priorities straight is realizing work is more important than going out or sleeping in. The money you make from work is what will be used to invest in your future.



We have all heard the saying, “you have to spend money to make money” or is it “It takes money to make money”? However it is said you get the point. Only spend your money on necessities, investing in your future and put the rest into your savings. After all you do not want to be the girl who always has her nails and hair done or the guy who always has new shoes but no car to go home in or a home of her/his own to go to. Matter of fact it probably best if you stop hanging around people like that because your surroundings play a large role in your life.


It is amazing how much your environment influences your actions. I was always the ambitious one out of my group of friends so I ignored the “you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with” saying.  Well guess what? It is true.  When I started hanging out with more hard-working friends I became way more hardworking than I ever thought I even could be.  Let’s use an example if you were a running at a race where all the competitors were much slower than you, you would only run fast enough to beat them. Sometimes we think we are trying our hardest but it is a state of mind. If you ran a second race against someone who ran a little faster than you, you would run faster than you did in the first race in order to win.  One of the most important things is to always stay around people who have goals and standards that are bigger than yours.


Once you have become responsible and your life is reinvented you need to have higher standards.  This is not me giving you permission to act like you are better than anyone else. Having high standards means not dating or becoming friends with anyone who doesn’t have something going for themselves. Standards will keep you motivated and teach you to have high standards for your own personal goals. Nobody wants to be a hypocrite so after a while you begin practicing the standards you put in place for others. If you expect people to be the best versions of themselves you have to be the best version of yourself.



Do you remember what the third point was? If you can not remember the point was the importance of time management. I bet you are wondering how time management correlates with doing your best but I will explain. I always remind myself that if I am not going to try my best at something I am wasting my time. Take a moment to reflect on a time when you needed someone to do something for you and it was half done.  If it is frustrating when other people do it to you why do you do it for yourself? Say you need to clean your room but you don’t want to put in the effort you so throw all the mess under the bed.  If that even took ten minutes you wasted ten minutes of your time. The room is still messy and as soon as you need to find something your room will be right back to where it started.  I get it millennials are always trying to find shortcuts. Just think about it, by halfway doing the job you having wasted ten minutes moving the mess and fifteen trying to find something in it on top an extra hour actually cleaning your room if you didn’t make a bigger mess.  If you would have cleaned your room from the start it would have probably taken a little less than an hour. Putting all your energy into everything is hard at first but it is rewarding.


Rewarding yourself is key is to staying focused. Take the time to appreciate all of your hard work. As you reward yourself it will remind of why you starting making changes in your life in the first place.  It is the most euphoric feeling when you watch all your dreams unfold before your eyes and you are able to get yourself things you once could never afford. Although nothing great comes easy it is beyond worth it.  In order to get there you have to be very serious about becoming successful.  The best way to do it is to get advice from people have become or are becoming successful because they know the recipe for success.


The journey to success is more than surviving off of a couple of tips and pointers.  You need to practice and learn methods that are best for you and apply them to your life.  This ten point blog was most likely very helpful as it was intended to be but what you do after this blog will determine your future.  Do not overwhelm yourself with all ten points at once but rather change one thing at a time. Once you improved one part of your life move on to the next. Remember is a personal website built to help other people. I want everyone in this website’s community to grow and prosper. If this is your first time visiting the blow welcome to the family. I wish you all the success in improving your life.

Blog Written By: Jodi Diamond


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