3rd YearAnniversary

The 3 Year Anniversary of

Let me start by saying it has been a wild three years owning my business and website Before I take you on a brief reminder of this sites wild journey, I would like to say thank you for your support!!! I can’t wait to amaze you this year. originally started as a website I got just to hold all my social media links so my followers could access my other social media platforms. Then I had a little bit of information about me for those who wanted to know on the website! 

I kind of lived a double life at the time. I was an I was a young business woman by day but I also did lingerie modeling, bartending, and went to pole fitness classes. My dream was to have my website tell a little bit about me give everyone my social media links and that was all! 

This is what my website originally looked like 


( I had to even censor some of the photo) 

My website gained traction fairly quickly when it launched. Once I saw how much attention my site was getting, I though it would be wise to turn into a business. Look at now!! My website is a life advice website with 7 main blog categories, over 30 pages, a shop, on Pinterest, in affiliate programs with multiple companies, and still manages to give information to anyone who would like to learn more about me!

If you want to know more about the backstory of visit the About page. So now that I have spent time reminiscing we can talk more about what to expect in the third year of




Here’s some new things to come in my website third year. 

1.) 23 Blogs About My Crazy Life & How I Became Successful 

As requested I will be writing more about my personal life. There will be 23 Personal Blogs to represent my 23rd year of life launching in 2019. Click the blue link to see the blog list!!!

2.) Has An Amazon Shop

If you haven’t noticed already has an amazon shop! You can purchase products on amazon through my website. Although this feature was rolled out during Christmas season of 2018 there will be many updates and changes happening to the shop this year!

Check Out The Amazon Shop —->>> SHOP

3.) One-Word Inspiration blogs 

There will be a word for example like “courage” and on that day i or a guest blogger will write a short message of  motivation that you’ll read to begin you day. The best part of it is that it comes with a video. I’ll be posting the videos on my Instagram & Snapchat. These short one-word inspiration videos will also be on the instagram. 

Follow Me On Instagram —->>> JODI DIAMOND INSTAGRAM

Follow Me On Snapchat——>>> JODI DIAMOND SNAPCHAT

Follow on Instagram——>>> JODIDIAMOND.COM INSTAGRAM

4.)  More Social Media Interactions 

According my analytics the mobility of you come to through social media such as Instagram, Pinterest, and twitter. I will giving more business updates on my personal al social media. I have so many exciting ideas I want to try for So make sure you’re looking out, especially in my personal Instagram. 

5.)  The Rest Are Surprises 🤫🤐

There will be more exciting features coming to! I want to 

Thank You For All Of You Guys Support!!

I have been working hard to prepare for 3rd year of my website and I’m excited to launch all the projects. 



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