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Silence 🔥

Today’s one word inspiration is SILENCE.

I was told by many successful people that it’s best not to announce anything you have going on until it is all done. I thought about and said, “I understand why you should keep your struggles to yourself until you are ready to share but why should I hide my blessings”? She replied, “You don’t know everyones true intentions. They may be secretly jealous and try sabotaging your blessing or they may open their mouth too soon and ruin your opportunity”. With that in mind I also realized new life ventures take a lot of courage and someone else’s doubtful words about your plans may be the discouragement that knocks you down.

“Silence is golden” is the cliche phrase. Silence is also helpful in a lot of situations. It is important to keep your struggles and blessings quiet until the right timing.


Keeping things to yourself makes the experience sacred. It is special to you and you get to analyze things from your perspective. If you choose to change your mind about anything or something comes up you can readjust your plans without disappointing others.

There is a time to speak up but there is a time to keep your plans and projects silent until all the details are worked out.

INSPIRATION: Ecclesiastes 3:7   “a time to tear and a time to mend, a time to be silent and a time to speak,”



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