Here’s Why I’ll Be On Social Media More Now That My Mom Has Left The Hospital

This Is Why You Will See Me On Social Media More After My Mom’s Anuerysm

It was one of the scariest moments of my life seeing my mom near death. It changed how I see things. Some things became more important to me and other things became less important to me. Due to this experience you will be seeing a lot more of me. You may be wondering what the heck does my mom being in the hospital have to do with me being on social media?!?? Well, that is what I am writing this for.

Here Are A Few Of The Reasons Why…


I hate to say it but I felt as if I was in a position where I was too comfortable. Since I was able to provide for myself through my Businesses and Self-Employement. I was in no rush to write more blogs for my website or produce more content for social media because I was taken care of. I had no one depending on me to provide more than I already was.

When I saw my mom in that situation I had no idea what I was going to do if she wasn’t able to regain her independence. I don’t want to ever feel like that again. I am my mom’s only child and I want to feel secure that if something were to happen I could take care of her without putting the pressure on her erderly parents. That definitely put some fire under my tail to work more for better things.


Secondly, I am hustling. Another reason you will see me posting more is because I am blessed to be in the position where I can make money from social media. This will help me take care of all the work I missed while my mom was in the ICU (intensive care unit) and while I was doing her 24/7 home care once she was discharged. This can also help me build a savings or invest my profit so I have the ability to help my mom even more in the future.


Sponsored posts aren’t the only way I make money from social media. I’m a business owner and social media is beneficial to my business. Eighty percent of visitors are from social media. If you’re reading this blog you may have come from my Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, or Snapchat. Every time I post a picture on instagram I get website clicks even when the picture or caption mentions nothing about my website. It works like this, a post leads to profile visits, profile visits lead to website clicks, website clicks lead to website visits, website visits lead to money. Posting in general is just another way I can put myself in a position to help others.


I was planning a come back anyway. Of course not to the extent that I will be returning now but I was still planning on getting back into the grove of things. Once I announced my return to social media and everyone welcomed me with open arms…things went haywire. I am excited to return to social media God willing seriously this time.


I have a new appreciation for my job. I have always loved being an entrepreneur but now I am beyond thankful to have such a flexible job. If I had a normal job I would’ve been fired after missing a month and a half of work whether my mom was in the hospital or not. This situation has made me want to focus more on being a full time entrepreneur which means I’ll need to produce more blogs, more social media posts, and more products.

I saw how beneficial it is to have someone in the family with a flexible schedule. While family members could not be at the hospital with my mom because they were working, I could. My mother was unawarely putting herself in danger and needed someone with her at the hospital 24/7. Also due to my mom’s brain injury she would call the nurses for important things such as going to the bathroom and food. Once the nurses arrived she would forget that what she asked for, so I was glad that I was there to communicate with the nurses and tell them what she needed. I would not have left her side, job or not.  I am so thankful I have a job where I can take breaks, slow down, or speed up as life changes.

Everything that has happened has made me want more in life, not just for me, but for others. I still believe in being content with what you have but now I realize if God blessses with excess I can use that to take care of others and give to people in need. So when you see me posting on social media now you know I’m hustling for reasons than just one.


I would like to say Thank You to all the people who have prayed for my mother’s well being and all the people who have remained supportive of me. 😘

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