Here Are All The Details On The Update!

What’s Happening To is doing a major update! would like to make every visit as exciting as possible. So this blog was written to answer some questions about the big update.


Blogs, Blogs, and More Blogs!

The blogs are now taking over! Blogs will now be the focus of the website. Expect a new blog EVERY WEEK! Yes, you read that correctly, weekly blogs. Not only will there be a larger quantity of blogs but there will also be better quality blogs. blogs will now feature unique photos, GIFS, and short videos. Speaking of videos for the visitors that are more visual there will be videos blogs. For those who do not know what video blogs are (not to be confused with the short videos within a blog), they are videos that give you the same information that a blog would in the form of a video.

Video blogs will be uploaded to the website along with a brief description below of the video’s content. There will also be an option to watch the video blogs via youtube if you prefer not to watch it from the website. To make things more exciting we will be adding guest bloggers to our blogs as well. Our guest bloggers will be able to share their personal stories and give advice from their personal life experiences and perspective. Lastly, there will be another category added to the blogs called “ Information Blogs” where blogs like this that provide updated information about the website will be stored.


Getting Rid of the shop!?!

Before anyone freaks out is not completely getting rid of the shop but all physical products will be removed from the shop. Removing physical products from The Jodi Diamond Shop will bring major improvements to the shop as well as the entire website. Due to the removal of physical products The Jodi Diamond Shop will be able to lower prices since shipping, packaging, storage facilities, overstocking, damaged products, and delivery costs no longer have to be considered. No physical products also means no customer has to worry about an item being sold out or not being able to get a product because they live outside of the United States of America. This means less time at the post office and more time writing blogs and producing content. The most exciting about it is that The Jodi Diamond Shop will be filled with amazing digital products.


The Website

The Website itself will be adding a few cosmetic changes. There will be custom made buttons to make the website is easier to navigate. Any grammatical errors will be immediately corrected. Regular changes can now be expected to the website’s aesthetic. may change its background and home page photos to accommodate holidays and special events.


Advertisement has taken a laid back approach to promoting the website because most of the websites visitors come from people who follow Jodi on social media. Although Jodi’s Social Media brings in a decent amount of visitors is looking to take it to the next level. Look forward to creative video advertisement, a instagram makeover, more personal advertisement from Jodi herself, and commercials! This will also attract future collaborators who are interested in growing their social media presence.



Finally and most importantly this update will help so many visitors that are interested in growing their career or social media presence. will be using models for emagazines, ebooks, blogs, and other promotional photos. Aspiring artists will have the opportunities to apply to have their music played in the background of ads or videos. There will more be opportunities to be featured on all types of social media. For those who are interested in writing there will also be opportunities to write blogs as a guest blogger. These promotions can help grow a business, a social media presence, or a career by collaborating with If you want to find out more about these opportunities click on the  underlined jobs that you are most interested in. Also make sure to be looking out on the events page to see what collaborations is interested in at the moment.



So many exciting changes are happening to the website! Make sure to follow Jodi on her personal Instagrams @JodiCDiamond and @JodiDbusinesses. For everything about follow us on Instagram @jodidiamondcom. If you are interested in modeling, Featuring your music, or writing a blog for click the underlined words and there will be information soon on these positions. Thank You for being apart of the family.

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