5 Small Things That Helped Me Reduce My Stress


  1. Having A Relaxing A Morning 

Starting my day off with something that relaxes me always puts me in a better mood. Right now I’m drinking a relaxing tea every morning. Just having a warm drink on a cold day that heats up my body is relaxing within itself. Also tea has many health benefits. If you like tea you try in the morning to help you calm down. 


  1. Taking Deep Breaths 

Sometimes when I feel myself getting stressed I have to stay calm and take deep breaths. I used to think this was so stupid when I heard this method. But when you get begin to get stressed your breathing and heart rate speed up, taking deep breaths reminds your body to slow down. 

  1. Removing Toxic People 

No one is perfect but some people are more than flawed, their toxic. People who are toxic have to go! It’s not worth the stress. Only that person can change themselves if they ever do. Leave them alone before they cause more damage in your life than just a headache.


  1. Not Overwhelming Myself 

Being overwhelmed was probably my main cause of stress. I work too many jobs, I take on too many projects at once, I try to run multiple businesses until I get to the point where my schedule is so full I can’t keep up. Then when I can’t keep up with a nearly impossible schedule I get mad at myself. It is an unhealthy cycle and I glad I’m breaking it. If you are doing this to yourself please stop. It’s unhealthy and exhausting.

  1. Leaving it to God 

Some things you can control. I know I have to trust and ask God about things I’m not sure about. It relaxes my soul to know someone more powerful than me is in control. God has performed so many miracles for me so I can trust him for the small things. 

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