​Being an entrepreneur is probably one of Jodi’s most important jobs. She loves creating products and businesses. Jodi thinks that being an entrepreneur is the best career for her because she can daily continue to express her creativity and expand her knowledge. There is no exact date when Jodi became an entrepreneur because she has been starting businesses and creating products since she was little. To find out more about her current and past businesses click the “Jodi’s Businesses” button inside of the “Jodi’s Career” button under “About Jodi” in the main menu or just click the highlighted words.

CHICK – FIL – A          (PAST) – 2018

Jodi says “I have no idea why I thought that job would be a good idea. I got the job  due to an emergency situation that caused me to spend 15,000 dollars of my savings. I was lucky to have that kind of money. I wanted to use the money from the job to build back my savings and my money from being a business owner was paying the bills. For some reason I thought balancing nursing school, model training school, a business, social media, blogging, and helping out at children’s hospital would work. I know I was crazy!!! However; I really don’t regret it and I loved my experience.


Jodi has over ten personal social media accounts and does consider it a job. Jodi says her social media is a great opportunity to make connections and market her businesses or herself career wise.  Jodi spends around two hours a day managing her social media accounts. You can learn more about her social media accounts on the media page by clicking  “SOCIAL MEDIA” in the main menu or by clicking the underlined words.

MODELING       2016 – (CURRENT)

Jodi began modeling in January 2016. Jodi said modeling wasn’t really something she had ever wanted to do as a career but after people continuously suggested it she figured she would give it a shot and now she loves it. Jodi has done boudoir, lingerie, and many other forms of alternative modeling in the past. In March  of 2018 Jodi was signed to a Modeling agency and began her training that week. 

HAUNTED HOUSE            (PAST) – 2014

Jodi began working at her first haunted house in late September of 2015. She filmed her entire experience to upload to her personal YouTube channel “My Chaotic Life”.  Jodi enjoyed her job as a haunted house actress and said she would do it again if her career wasn’t so demanding.

 YOUTUBER        2015 – (CURRENT)

Jodi films whenever she can find the time and hopes to eventually have a weekly schedule. Jodi has a business channel dedicated to giving advice and motivation called “Jodi D Businesses”. She also has a personal channel where she uploads vlogs, personal stories and more. Click to visit the  “Jodi Diamond” channel . The links for both YouTube channels are on Jodi’s social media page. You can also click the words “PERSONAL MEDIA” .

​SEARS            (PAST) – 2014

Jodi began working for Sears a couple of months after her high school graduation in September of 2014. Jodi began as a MCA and was quickly promoted to Lead MCA over the home décor department. She later requested to switched to Lead MCA of the kid and infants department. Jodi says she wanted to get into a large retail store and work her way to the top. She wanted learn all the secrets and marketing plots that wouldn’t be taught in school and apply it to the fashion company she was planning to start.


Jodi’s first job was when she was sixteen in the summer of 2012. She was a k-4 assistant teacher for her local public school system.  She enjoyed her job and returned the following summer of 2013 at another elementary school working with 2nd grade.





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