JODIDIAMOND.COM is Jodi’s most recent business. Although was not originally created to become a business Jodi says it is the business she is most proud of.  She explains how she came up with the idea for  “I was tired of explaining to everyone what I did for a living or as an entrepreneur because I always did many different things to support myself.  At the same time I was growing on social media and a lot of people wanted to learn more about me. I just had so much going on at once between starting my fashion company, having over 15 different social media accounts, working at a haunted house, dancing, and having two YouTube channels. I just said I want a website where people can learn about my businesses, my life, and a place to hold all my social media/ YouTube links. So for my 20th birthday I purchased my website, designed it, and it launched on Valentines Day. It was getting so many visits that as a business woman I thought I have to turn this into a business itself. So here we are!” Jodi created The Jodi Diamond Shop and a Blog to go along with the website and turned it into the business she dreamed of when her website began gaining attention. She says she is so happy with the results and is beyond excited for what is to come.  To find out more about visit the “About” page in the main menu or click the highlighted words “About” Also if you would like to visit the blog or the shop on they are in the main menu as well or you can click the highlighted words “Blog” or “Shop


Jodi originally started G Extraordinary which at the time was named “G-foalcut” in late June of 2014 a couple weeks after her high school graduation. She decided to take a step back and reinvent her company and start it back up. Jodi said, “..I think at that time in my life I was just learning how to be an adult and once I tried to start my company I realized how uneducated I was about owning a business in the fashion industry. I took time to create my company’s business plan, plan out funding, get a mentor, take business classes, and how to make my custom designs come to life instead of just being another retail store.” Jodi was beyond excited for the re-launch of her company. Her company G Extraordinary sells unique loungewear. Jodi is keeping the business low profile at the moment while she gets the hang of it. In the next couple of weeks there will be a quick access button added under this paragraph that will take you directly to G Extraordinary’s (Jodi Diamond’s fashion company’s) website.


Jodi’s first business was created in the summer of 2013 when she was 17. She talks about her motivation behind her first business “I wanted my own place when I was sixteen, I tried to get a lawyer to do it legally and that didn’t work out. Once I turned seventeen I figured it wouldn’t just fall into my lap. I created flyers, made a list of supplies, and I had a friend at the time who was willing to do it with me. I was already going to physical summer school, online summer school, working as a assistant teacher, and managing a social life but my hustle was unstoppable that summer. I used the money from the lawn service company to make a down payment and buy necessities for my first apartment.” Jodi went on to say her first business taught her more responsibility than any job because everything relied on her and partner and couldn’t be pushed off on anyone else. The reason she decided to close the business is because she had to return to high school full time.  Jodi ended by say her first business will always hold a special place in her heart.

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