Q&A DATE: 9/1/17


WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE SEASON? Winter! It has always been my favorite season, people said I would grow out of it once I got older but that is yet to happen.

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE HOLIDAY? It used to be Halloween for a while but its now Thanksgiving and Christmas season are my favorite . The actual day of Christmas is not my favorite but the leading up to it. Christmas Day is boring and stressful when you become an adult.

WHAT MADE YOU WANT TO BECOME AN ENTREPRENUER? I believe it was my destiny. I told my mom at 3 that I wanted to be an “Inventor” because I didn’t know the word entrepreneur. I said this for a decade until I was preteen. My mom kept telling me inventors weren’t that successful so I gave up on the idea. So I decided to pursue architecture then I later came back to entrepreneurship and I couldn’t be happier. I’ll most likely do a video in more detail on it on my “Jodi D Businesses” YouTube Channel. So be looking out for it!

DO YOU BELONG TO A FAITH OR RELIGION? I belong to a faith. I am Christian. I have answered this before but I would answer it a hundred more times and scream it from a rooftop lol.

LASTLY, WHAT IS SOMETHNG YOU HAVE NEVER DONE THAT YO WANT TO TRY? I’m a adventurous person so one day I want to learn how to ride a dirt bike or go four wheeling, something action related. To be honest though the Wisconsin girl in me just wants to learn how to ride a snow mobile and watch a Green Bay Packers game in Lambeau Field.