Jodi’s Birthday Blogs !

  23rd Birthday Blog List

1 How I Got My First Apartment At 17 – coming soon

2. How I Got My First Office At 20 Years Old- coming soon

3. What It Was Like Living On My Own In High School – coming soon

4. How I Graduated Bartending School Before I Was Old Enough To Graduate High School – coming soon

5. What It Is Like Living In A City With 0.3% Black Population – coming soon

6. 23 Things I Have Learned In 23 Years Of Life – coming soon

7. Why I Kept Disappearing From Social Media – coming soon

8. How I Became A Model- coming soon

9. What I Learned Walking In My First Runway – coming soon

10. What Made Me Become An Entrepreneur – coming soon

11. How I Became A Manager Of A Department Store At 18 – coming soon 

12. What I Learned Being In The NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) At Children’s Hospital – coming soon

13. What I Learned In Acute Care At Children’s Hospital – coming soon

14. Crazy Things I Did To Become Successful – coming soon

15. Why My Weight Is Always Fluctuating Up And Down – coming soon

16. Things You Probably Did Not Know About Me – coming soon

17. Why I Only Date Successful Men – coming soon

18. Why I Did Not Go To College – coming soon

19. Why I Decided To Go To Nursing School – coming soon

20. Why I Post Sexy Pictures On Social Media – coming soon

21. How I Prevent My Natural 32 DDD Breasts From Sagging – coming soon

22. 2019 FAQ – Questions Asked By My Instagram Followers – coming soon

23. What I Want In My 23rd Year Of Life – coming soon

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