Jodi C Diamond Social Media


My Chaotic Life is Jodi’s new personal YouTube Channel.  She has everything from vlogs to a hilarious story time playlist, or even better her angry rants.  Jodi will be addressing and filming a lot of her personal matters on this channel. She has just began uploading on regularly and is slowly releasing the videos she filmed. However, Jodi likes to refer to herself as having an “X-rated personality” so she warns you to proceed with caution.


Jodi’s personal Instagram is where she gained the most popularity on social media with over 12,000 followers and growing.  It truly captures her free spirit, youth, and wild nature. This account has a random assortment of photos from some of Jodi’s photo shoots, selfies, and her outfits of the day.


This Twitter account is where Jodi says what she wants to say with no filter. Her personal twitter is full of retweets of encouragement, comedy, sales and clothing release announcements from her companies.


Jodi says her personal Pinterest is her favorite social media with over 14,000 pins. She said it helps her organize all her creativity and her restless list of ideas. Her Pinterest has tons of food and alcohol recipes. This social media account also has a lot of photography, fashion, home décor, and party boards.


Snapchat is one of Jodi’s most used social media platforms.  Although she currently on lets a small group of people follow her personal life on Snapchat she says she considering making it public one day.

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